Describe your office space to us

The1stMovement’s Denver office is an open, creative environment located in an eclectic development that served as taxicab distribution center years ago. Our office has a loft feel with a funky vibe. When we set out to decorate the office recently, we wanted to steer clear of “cube farms.” It was a challenge to construct a setting where we could freely communicate, but also have privacy.  Acoustic ceiling tiles and desk partitions were added to reduce the possible noise and accompanying distraction that can be found in echo-prone rooms. While much of our space is open, four offices were designed to create more privacy for members of our leadership team.

Where did the inspiration for your office space design come from?

The inspiration for our office space came from the desire to have a cohesive and productive workplace while keeping it playful and inviting. From our bowling alley wood counter tops to the garage door in our conference room, we sought a distinctive appearance that reflects the T1M brand.

What is your favorite part/design of your office space and why? i.e. the arched window in the front office, etc.

My favorite part of the office is the orange Plexiglas on the outside of our stairs. The edges glow like neon, and it really pops with a burst of color that always makes me smile. The garage door is also a welcome addition, allowing us to bring some beautiful sunshine and warmth into our office – and in Denver, those days are frequent!

Do you feel that having a well designed and inspiring office has changed the way you and your employees work?

Our previous office in the same mixed-use development shared a similar style, so we are used to the open “feel” of it, but now we have more space that is designed to reflect our brand more completely. I think coming to work in a stimulating environment is inspiring, and it makes me, and hopefully the entire staff, enjoy being in the office. It’s not stifling like many cubicle-style offices can be, and our flexible workspace allows us to rearrange easily, which keeps the office and employee morale from becoming stagnant.

Plus, if someone “hits a creative wall” during the day, he or she can play a game of ping pong to clear the mind!

Tell us about your company and what it means to you to have a well-designed office space.

The1stMovement is a digital innovation agency. Our award-winning team offers innovative solutions to our clients’ advertising challenges. We lead with our mastery of technology to tell our clients’ stories. This mastery, plus our endless curiosity to discover new methods, allows us to create and deliver interactive experiences that capture attention and delight audiences.

We share The Office Stylist’s belief that when you take pleasure in your office environment, you take pleasure in you work. Having a well designed office space ultimately enables us to focus on the task at hand: telling our clients’ stories.  Ann Van Orsdel, president – The1stMovement

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  1. Wow! What a great looking office space. I love the staircases and the glass desks. Looks like a great place to work. The reception area looks amazing as well. I have always been a fan of open offices like this one.

  2. julia ehlers says:

    The office is lovely and I can see why you have the vision for innovative design in all your advertising .

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